Dear Parents & All the Players,
I take this opportunity to welcome all who are residing in our beautiful country Qatar to join Champs Tennis Center to learn and train tennis from our highly professional coaches and enjoy of extensive tennis & fitness programs.

We are very excited about the upcoming years as we are expecting great improvement of our tennis students on different age levels. We look forward to helping our students maximize their potential while reaching their personal goals in a shorter period of time.

I founded this tennis center in 1996, it was named as Children’s Tennis School, and in 2017 we renamed to Champs Tennis Center to add all ages and genders to join us and play their favorite game.

As usual, my role will be to supervise all the programs throughout the calendar year and its technical, tactical, physical and psychological structure. In addition, I will oversee the daily training and coordinate the competitive schedules for all the students in our center.

Our professional team is composed of tennis head coach, who’s in charge of programming and delivering the academy’s tennis programs. The specifics regarding our annual plans, training methodologies, information regarding fitness, tournaments and more will be posted on our website, so please visit us to keep yourself updated.

Thank you once again and wish you all best.

Tariq AlSheikh
Champs Tennis Center