In tennis, “orange ball” refers to a type of tennis ball slightly more prominent and softer than a regular tennis ball but firmer and faster than a red ball. The orange ball is typically used in lessons and competitions for children who have progressed beyond the red ball stage but have yet to be ready to play with a full-sized ball.

Children play Orange ball tennis between 6 and 8 who have already developed some basic skills and techniques but are still working on improving their consistency and control. Using an orange ball allows young players to continue developing their skills and tactics while introducing them to the faster pace and more significant challenges of a full-sized court.

The orange ball is part of the International Tennis Federation’s (ITF) “Play and Stay” program, which aims to promote tennis and encourage more young people to take up the sport. By using an orange ball, coaches and instructors can help create a fun, engaging learning environment appropriate for their students’ age and ability, which will encourage them to continue playing and developing their skills over time.

Materials Required

  • Qualified Tennis Coach
  • 4 min – 6 max Players
  • Tennis Rackets (23-25 Inches)
  • Orange Balls
  • Net height 0.8-0.914m lower than the regular tennis net
  • Mini Tennis Court (17.68-18.29m)

For players who are busy with other activities and also want to learn tennis

8 hours/month


For players who are passionate about tennis and want to become tournament tennis players

12 hours/month

Red Ball

4 – 6 Years

Green Ball

9 - 10 Years


Yellow Ball

11 Years & Above