Fundamentals of Backhand Technique

The Fundamentals of Backhand Tennis where the player swings his racket around his body, in the direction where the player wants to land the ball. Same as the forehand stroke, the backhand groundstroke is generally used on baseline rallies. However, the backhand groundstroke can also be used if the player wants to execute an approach shot. This tennis stroke can be accomplished with the use of two hands, which is called the two handed backhand. It can also be accomplished with the use of one hand, known as the one handed backhand.

The backhand groundstroke is generally harder to master compared to the forehand stroke. It is also less powerful than the forehand shot.

Comparing the two backhand shots, the two-handed backhand is more stable and has more power than the one handed backhand. Thus, this backhand technique is more popular with professional tennis players. However, the one handed backhand also has its own advantages, one of which is it’s longer reach than the two handed backhand.

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