Key ingredients of the return of serve

The tennis serve return is vital when endeavoring to break serve during a tennis match. Learning the best technique is the start of mastering it.

Tennis serve return is usually a weak point in the club player’s game.

On the off chance that we watch the professionals, they utilize the tennis serve to come back to start the point on a forceful note. The arrival of serve can represent the moment of truth in your tennis match-up. Most players’ arrival of serve can be categorized as one of three classifications:

  • an effort to make firm contact with the ball;
  • A frequent slice as a player hardly reaches the serve;
  • It is an effective counterpunch to even the hardest of serves. Focusing on the technique of an excellent tennis serve return can help you stay consistent.

Following the Proper Tennis Serve Return Positioning

Stand just outside the baseline, depending on the ability of your opponent’s serve. Players at an advanced level are often three steps behind the baseline.

Then, try to anticipate where your opponent will drop the ball. If they place the ball in the corners, stand in a ready position somewhere there.

If they prefer to serve down the “T,” stand more in the middle of the court. Throughout the match, you should make mental notes to calculate the percentage of serves that land in the corners, near the “T,” right at your body.

That will help you get in the correct position. With some players who have great control and mix up their placement or no control, standing at a point that could be drawn out from the center of the service box is recommended.

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