Fundamentals of Forehand Technique

The Fundamentals of Forehand Technique is accomplished by bringing the racket across your body, then towards the direction where you like to land the ball. If you are a right-handed player, the forehand groundstroke starts on the right side of your body, and then the movement continues across your body as your racket face comes in contact with the ball. The tennis forehand stroke ends with a full follow-through.

After contact, the player continues to rotate the upper body by bringing the racket back in a smooth and relaxed manner. Generally, this forehand groundstroke is the most common weapon for beginner players. In professional tennis, most players also have this shot as their most powerful groundstroke in tennis.

Most of the time, the forehand groundstroke is executed with topspin. Topspin adds ball clearance above the net. It also results in a high bouncing ball which can put your opponent in an awkward situation. Aside from the topspin forehand, a backspin or a slice forehand can also be used especially with approach shots.

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